Carmen Cordis

Arthur Hughes - "April Love," ca. 1856. Pre-Raphaelite. (Google Art Project)

Greetings to you! I'm Carmen Cordis, an enthusiastic wordsmith, choral singer, and lover of languages living in Portland, Oregon.

I often draw inspiration from ancient history, archaeology, and multicultural anthropology to seek out connections between languages, time periods, and human experiences. As a lifelong learner, I especially enjoy exploring and sharing the wonders of art history, as a mirror of cultural development and a window through time.

11th century Byzantine robe embroidered with griffins; dyed Tyrian purple (royal purple) with murex dye. (Wikipedia Commons)

As a writer and linguist, I specialize in Classical Latin (12+ years of study) and Ancient Greek (7+ years of study). I enjoy translating, tracing word origins, and looking for patterns across multiple languages. As an avid gamer and computing enthusiast, I have eagerly begun to learn how to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and Python in order to add to my linguistic knowledge and fascination! My Classical studies continually inspire me to write poetry and prose, expressing my emotions and experiences in writing by using words as vivid pictures.

The Ascend Project at Mozilla has helped me so much to enrich myself and my career as a more aware member of the modern era.